The program of concerts of the XIV international Winter arts festival in Sochi

"Voices. Epochs" - musical portraits of XX century legendary artists

Liudmila Zykina State Academic Russian Folk Ensemble “Rossiya”
February 23, 2021
Beginning at 17.00
Organ Hall
Concert description

One of the brightest performers of old and contemporary Russian romances and lyrical songs Irina Krutova will retrospect to the melodies that unite generations. Irina has received recognition and love of the public after winning the International Competition of Russian Romances Performers “Romansiada” in 2002. Successfully combining her academic vocal school with Russia’s rich vocal traditions, the singer has created her own style and manner of singing songs and romances which is recognisable and loved by audiences.

Instrumental pages in the history of the national performing arts and the illustrious names of outstanding composers who have created a golden fund of repertoire for folk instruments will be presented in the programme by the soloists of the Rossiya Ensemble, teachers and students of the Folk Department of the Sochi Music Academy. Renowned virtuoso players take part in the concert: Andrey Gorbachev (balalaika), Ekaterina Mochalova (domra), Svyatoslav Lips (piano), Oleg Piskunov (balalaika), Alexey Abramenko (gusli), Vladislav Afanasiev (domra), Olzhas Nurlanov (bayan), Valery Matryashin (domra four-string), Luiza Nurieva (domra), Vladimir Dunayev (balalaika) and Anastasia Zakharova (domra).

Liudmila Zykina State Academic Russian Folk Ensemble “Rossia” – is one of the brightest ensembles promoting Russian song and the professional art of playing Russian folk instruments not only in Russia, but all over the world. Liudmila Zykona, the great Russian singer and People’s Artist of the Soviet Union, inspired the creation of the Ensemble in 1977. The Ensemble was “baptized by fire” at the legendary Carnegie Hall in the USA. The ensemble “Russia” has recorded more than 30 CDs and records, music for films, starred in a large number of television and radio programmes and films.

Among the projects in which the Ensemble has participated – performances at the opening of the Berlinale International Film Festival (Berlin, Germany, 2014), the Avignon le off International Theatre Festival (Avignon, France, 2013), the Fifth BRICS Summit (South Africa, 2013), the Festival of Russian Culture, (Beijing, China, 2013), the Samsun Music Festival (Turkey, 2013). Beijing, China, 2013),Festival of Music and Performing Arts (Samsun, Turkey, 2013), XXX Summer Olympics in London (2012), Christmas Festival in Bethlehem (2012), in programs “Romance Romance” and others.

Dmitry Dmitrienko – the director and artistic director of the Emseble, laureate of the Imperial Culture Award by Russian Writers’ Union, a medal “Patriot of Russia”, winner of nine international competitions of accordionists. He is an Associate Professor and Head of the Folk Instruments Department at the M.M. Ippolitov-Ivanov State Pedagogical Institute. Dmitrienko’s pedagogical work has been recognised by international music organisations on numerous occasions. He graduated from the Russian Gnesin Academy of Music. He graduated from the Russian Gnesinsins Academy of Music and completed an assistantship in the class of Honoured Artist of Russia, Professor Yuri Sidorov.

Irina Krutova is the winner of numerous festivals, diploma laureate of the N. Obukhova All-Russian Vocalist Competition, winner of the International Competition for Young Performers of Russian Romance “Romansiada-2002”. The great Alla Bayanova blessed her for her vocal art. Irina Krutova’s beautiful voice and exquisite spirituality have won over the hearts of many viewers. The singer gives concerts on the best stages of the country: in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, in the Hall of Cathedrals of the Christ the Saviour Cathedral, in the State Kremlin Palace and others.

“Today we can say with certainty that Irina Krutova, the owner of a silvery and lyrically penetrating voice, which is able to capture any – even the most sophisticated – audience, is a “true star of Russian romance”, a unique creative personality, a singer-actress who has managed to find the precious professional keys to the hearts of her listeners”, the newspaper Kultura writes.

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