The program of concerts of the XIV international Winter arts festival in Sochi

"The Rendezvous in Moscow" - Musical play

February 22, 2021
Beginning at 19.00
Winter theater
Description of the performance

The Rendezvous in Moscow is a STORY of Love.
The story centers on the music of Alexandr Tchaikovsky.
The main character arrives in Moscow and finds herself in the midst of complicated events; she falls in love and tries to find her own path.
In our play, we are looking at Moscow a little from above, from where there is a lot of Sky, from where the Sun is shining. From high above, our troubles look smaller, and a walk on city roofs seems much more real.
This Play is about Love. It is the love for the wonderful City, the love for Youth when one is sure anything is possible, and the love for Music, inexplicable and beautiful.

A seventeen-year-old school graduate from a small town, Vera Vorobyova, comes to Moscow to apply for a theatre college. She wishes to become a singer or an actor so much that she even skips her graduation ball in order to make it in time for the college exam. While her classmates are celebrating, Vera finds herself in the midst of unusual events. The girl has no phone, no money, and no friends in Moscow, yet she makes it: she passes the exam with success, meets her “fairy godmother,” gets herself acquainted with the big city, sees the real Mystery for the first time, and meets her first Love.
Two young men compete to win Vera’s heart: a Conservatoire student Arkady and a theatre college student Roman. Each of them tries to persuade the girl to choose their educational institution.
However, Vera faces another difficult choice, which is to determine both her and other people’s loves. Vera learns that the young man with whom she would meet the next dawn will become her husband and father of her children. This is what her two strange acquaintances, Alika and Raph, are telling her. They start to follow her from the moment she arrives at the railway station and make Vera and her suitors to be bold and daring.
Just before the sunrise, Vera realizes that her mysterious companions Alika and Raph are angels who have long chosen her to fulfill their heavenly plan. All alone in the huge sparkling city, the young graduate must be sincere and brave in order to decide whether the dream of two angelic creatures will come true.

Actors and performers

The Rendezvous in Moscow
Musical play

Composer – Aleksandr Tchaikovsky
Director – Pavel Safonov
Playwright – Mikhail Palatnik
Music director – Yuri Bashmet

Set design – Aleksandr Barmenkov
Costume design – Tamara Eshba
Light design – Igor Fomin
Choreographer – Alisher Khasanov

Vera – Ekaterina Ryabova
Alika – Polina Pakhomova
Arkady – Mikhail Uretsky
Raph – Aleksandr Emelyanov
Roman – Anton Lyzo
People’s Artist of the USSR Svetlana Ryabova as Eleanor

Alisher Khasanov sculpturesque theatre

Chamber Choir
Moscow Conservatoire

Artistic director
and chief conductor, professor Aleksandr Solovyov
Choirmasters: Maria Chelmakina and Taras Yasenkov

State Symphony Orchestra
Novaya Rossiya
Artistic director and conductor Yuri Bashmet

Alisher Khasanov sculpturesque theatre:
Policeman – Anton Udivanov
Cleaner – Yuri Pozdnyakov
Theatre student – Aleksandr Danilov.
Passer-by – Konstantin Khrustachev.
Salesperson – Aleksandr Lavrov / Nikita Kuchikhidze.
School graduates – Sofia Girka, Anna Kungurtseva, Aleksandr Danilov, Konstantin Khrustachev, Natalia Zavyalova / Lyudmila Munirova.
Monument to Aleksandr Pushkin – Anton Udivanov.
“Bather” fountain – Sofia Girka

Ensemble – Aleksandr Danilov, Sofia Girka, Anton Udivanov, Kristina Trofimovich, Yuri Pozdnyakov, Olga Kolodiy, Konstantin Khrustachev, Anna Kungurtseva, Natalia Zavyalova / Lyudmila Munirova, Aleksandr Lavrov / Nikita Kuchikhidze

Assistant choreographer – Anastasiya Dorokhova

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