The program of concerts of the XIV international Winter arts festival in Sochi

Vadim Eilenkrig and “Eilenkrig Crew“ - New Album “Newborn”

Special guest - Fantine
February 21, 2021
Beginning at 19.00
Winter theater
Description of the concert

Musician and TV presenter Vadim Eilenkrig presents his new music album “Newborn”

The Musician of the Year according to Radio Jazz 89.1 FM and the host of “Rossiya-Kultura” TV channel, Vadim Eilenkrig treats the public to premieres annually, be it a new program, a festival, or a season of a television show. The last spring brought about changes. Now, after almost a six-month interval, the world is coming back to life. The presentation of the disc with the symbolic title Newborn will mark the first step of Eilenkrig Crew into a new post-covid reality.

The Newborn release sets a new vector in the musician’s career. Unlike his previous works, the album includes only those author’s compositions that were arranged by Eilenkrig Crew. Some of them have already been presented to the public during live performances or, for example, in the intro to the “Shabolovka Club, 37”. Yet the premiere concert will also feature completely new pieces that have never been played before.

“This work is my personal view on music. I have never called myself a composer, I have never released several albums in one year, and, in general, I am very skeptical of my own creative endeavors, and even more skeptical of the word “creativity.” However, natural development has to do with new challenges. And this is one of them,” says the musician.

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