The program of concerts of the XIV international Winter arts festival in Sochi

“The Ship of Lovers” - Musical drama

Festival premiere
February 23, 2021
Beginning at 19.00
Winter theater
Description of the performance

“The Ship of Lovers” is another opportunity to reflect on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. In these difficult and tragic times, it sheds new light on the subject of love and death. The central female character of our play ventures on a daring and risky journey on a strange ghost ship to find her lover. To do this, she is ready to cross a cold terrible ocean and to cast aside fears, including those for her own life. The ship never returns with those it takes aboard. During the journey, she receives help from ghosts of lovers who had once lost themselves for love, from the great music, which invariably inspires people, as well as from the great theatre art, the examples of which are multiple. The ship itself was invented by designer Marijus Jacovskis, the ghosts’ garments were made by designer Evgeniya Panfilova, and the music for the performance was created by the wonderful Russian composer Kuzma Bodrov. We would like to remind our spectators today that our life is very short and fragile, and that love has always given people shelter and purpose to keep on living even after death.

Actors and performers

Festival premiere
Musical drama
“The Ship of Lovers”

Director – Pavel Safonov
Stage design – Marijus Jacovskis
Composer and record producer – Kuzma Bodrov
Chief choreographer – Alisher Khasanov
Costume designer – Evgeniya Panfilova
Lighting designer – Evgeniy Vinogradov

Andrey Merzlikin
Grigory Siyatvinda
Olga Lomonosova
Nadezhda Lumpova

Alisher Khasanov sculpturesque theatre

State Symphony Orchestra
Novaya Rossiya

Director Yuri Bashmet

Music by W.A. Mozart, R. Wagner, C. Debussy, P. Tchaikovsky

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