VII School for young journalists covering cultural events

(a three-day seminar)

19-21 February 2021

Hosted by Winter International Arts Festival in Sochi

From 19th until 21st of February «VII School for young journalists covering cultural events» is held as part of XIII International Winter Arts Festival in Sochi with Yuri Bashmet as art director.

The school for young journalists covering cultural events is a three-day workshop that involves theoretical and practical courses. As per usual, the classes will take three directions at a time: news reporting, broadcast journalism and print journalism.

During this special course we intend to rise a number of relevant questions on the topic. What a cultural journalist should be like in a modern society? What professional ethics have to be followed? How to encourage an uncommunicative person to speak (get engaged in a conversation)? What is a conflict interview? How to come up with catchy headlines and what for? Answering these questions will help you distinguish a journalist from a blogger. In addition, the key points to a successful review writing will be shared within the seminar.

In fact, participance of young specialists in the project not only provides you with the exchange of essential knowledge and experience but also leads to forming new professional connections.

The speakers of the seminar include many visiting professors and outside experts in the field. For instance, editors and correspondents at “RIA Novosti” news agency, television channels of VGTRK (The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company), “Kommersant FM” radio station, “Vedomosti”, “Trud”, etc.

Apart from the theoretical course, there will also be practical sessions. The participants will obtain press credentials for all the events. In the meantime, they will be offered to write a review/report and interview the artists present.

We highly recommend the young journalists at your agency to apply for an internship and become a part of International Winter Arts Festival in Sochi.

As a result of completed journalistic course the young writers will be granted honorary certificates.

We guarantee to provide the journalists with:
  • press credentials for every event of the festival
  • an interview with an artist/celebrity attending the festival and a review article
  • seminars, workshops, practical sessions, lectures, conferences with high-profile journalists

Gallery of the Young Journalists School

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