A course of lectures for young authors

The V. I. Dal State Museum of History of the Russian Literature
ХIV Winter International Arts Festival in Sochi

For three consecutive years the Dahl State Museum of the History of Russian Literature organizes a poetry school for young authors from 18 to 35 years old.

From February 22 to 24, 2021, the XIV Winter International Festival of Art, hosted by Yuri Bashmet, will offer a new intensive course with individual parsing of texts and spot-on advice. Three days of in-depth work under the guidance of contemporary poets. Young poets who write in Russian are invited to participate.

At the end of the work the participants of the Winter Poets School will perform at an open event during the Festival, presenting their work selected in cooperation with the poetry workshop leaders to the public.

Masters of the Winter Poetry School 2021:

- Maksim Amelin
- Nikolay Zvyzgintsev
- Inga Kuznetsova
- Alexander Pereverzin
- Evgenia Vezhlean
- Dmitry Danilov
- Elena Lapshina
- Andrei Grishaev


Registration for participation in 2021 is completed