General provisions of VI Music Academy

The International Music Academy is a unique set of educational events consisting of master classes, lessons, and lectures by outstanding teachers and musicians from around the world in the field of musical art.

The Аcademy is held with the aim of revealing, supporting and developing gifted young musicians and creatively promising young people.

Participation in the Music Academy provides a unique opportunity to gain professional acquaintances both with teachers and with colleagues from other cities and countries.

In 2021 the Academy had five departments:

— instrumental,
— vocal,
— orchestral,
— composition,
— the department of folk instruments.

More than 40 outstanding teachers from different countries took part in the Academy 2021.

Teachers of the Academy's Orchestra Department were concertmasters of leading Russian symphony orchestras and a number of Russian and foreign conductors.

The best participants of the Academy had the opportunity to perform at the gala concerts within the framework of the festival.

Registration for participation in 2021 is completed

The Academy is conducted in order to identify and support gifted children and creative youth of promising is an effective form of search and development of talented young musicians.

- Alexander Tchaikovsky, composer