Echo Eco 2021

Annual video art exhibition within the XIV Winter International Arts Festival in Sochi

The exhibition 'Echo Eco' shows how contemporary art artists relate to environmental issues and create works in video format. This theme is indeed of great interest to people living in and around Sochi.

The project analyses the relationship between man and his environment through art on all levels, from the psychological to the economic and social. Consequently, ecology is meant here not only in the literal sense of spreading knowledge and building sensitivity about how not to treat nature.

Since its very first edition 11 years ago - by the way, it’s the longest running video art exhibition in Russia! - the exhibition consists of 15 single-channel video works, each of which is shown on a separate screen on the ground floor of the Winter Theatre.
A special feature of the project is its accessibility: artists from all over the world can send their own works for the curator's consideration. There is only one small restriction: the participants do not repeat themselves.
The 15 works in each exhibition means that, in its ten years of existence, the Echo Echo project has already shown 150 video works by 150 authors.

An interesting fact: thanks to the Echo Echo exhibition, the city of Sochi is often referred to as "the hub of video art" on the contemporary art map of Russia.

Echo Eco 2021:

Having celebrated its first decade last year, demonstrating the undeniably high level of Russian video art, Echo Echo 2021 wants to mark the start of its new decade, while emphasising its history and continuity. For this reason, the 11th Echo Echo exhibition opens and closes with completely new works, and at its centre are 12 works from 10 previous exhibitions that have had a big impact on the Winter Art Festival audience.

It is worth mentioning that alongside the exhibition is its "spin-off project", the Sochi Video Art Lab, in which video art is discussed and made by people living in and around Sochi.

Some work